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I've been feeling like I'm barely hanging on. Lots of dramas, changes, stuff - but beyond that is just this feeling of not connecting to the world. Might be my way of checking out when things get crazy, might be age, probably due to cutting back on certain medications, certainly my physical health hasn't helped.

Nothing exciting about listening to a poor me, whining son of a bitch. Can't stand the creatures myself. Don't want to be one.

I'm not all of the time. I've done some creative, fun life affirming things. Been sticking with voice lessons and doing some planning for a few things in the future.

But I'm just exhausted, really. My head hits the pillow and I feel like I'm floating in the universe - alone, confused.

I'll cheer up a bit and get back to life. Not many choices. Don't believe in an afterlife so I'm not going to cash in just yet. But I need to get a grip.


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