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I've been busy. Some of you have heard me mention some of these things elsewhere, so apologies for being redundant. And repeating myself. And saying the same thing twice.

I signed up to take a Stand-Up Comedy class. It is a one week deal taught through the local Experimental College. I've fantasized about doing something like this for decades - just never had the actual nerve to try it. Well, I did. Took the class and a lot of Ativan that week. I've had to do a lot of speaking in front of decent sized groups for some time now, and I rarely get nervous. For some reason, this took me way back to my ultra-anxiety ridden days of being in the front of a room full of people - High School and college days. But I did it. And it was AMAZING. The last class is actually a performance that is put on in one of the local comedy clubs. We sold the place out. I went on last. Easily one of the best HIGHS of my life.

We were told that if we were to continue on after the class, and I wasn't sure if I wanted it to be a one shot or possibly do more, that we would be looking at struggling to get unpaid three minute open mic gigs, that we would be driving three and four hours to find places to perform. That after years of polishing up our stuff, we might land a 15 minute spot in a club that pays fifty bucks. It was a tad soul crushing.

As it turns out, there is a local monthly Drag Queen Brunch held at a restaurant/club a mile down the street from where we live. We went to it the other morning. Long story shortish, I'll be doing a ten minute opening at it starting in January! It will be a small audience - much smaller than the one above. BUT, I get to continue on with the dream. I'm prepared, I think, to bomb. We were told over and over and over again that bombing is just a part of doing Stand-Up. I'll report back when that happens.

I have also been giving Spanish another go. After a lifetime of trying to learn it, and a period in my life where I sort of kind of spoke it, I am back to learning the basics. It is harder than ever, but I've never wanted to learn it more. I have a tutor (from Peru), Rosetta Stone, and a ton of books (my first partner whom I was with for nine years, until his death, was Spanish speaking and taught the language in High School). As it turns out, we are going to be GRANDPARENTS in March! And our grandson - we already know - will be bilingual as is his Mom. Her family is from Mexico.

Our son just signed up to be part of the EOD (Explosive Ordnance Disposal) for the Army Reserves. Terrifying for us, and never in a million years what I thought a son of ours would end up doing, but we are proud of him and think this will be a life-changing experience. It will also get him tons of BadAss Cred from his peers.

Bought a Santa suit too. Thought about renting myself out on craigslist. As it turns out, I'm scheduled for surgery (hernia - second time) on the 22nd, so that will cut right into the PRIME Santa weekend. Oh well. I still plan on participating in Santarchy next weekend - putting on the suit and hitting the bars. Might not help with our endless bills as was the original intent behind getting the suit, but might get a few lap dances from the boys.

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Love your video!

I just watched it and commented on it.

Wishing good luck for your son!

I'm sorry you must get a hernia operation
right at the holidays! That's rough. I had a hernia operation around the holidays last year, myself. It hurt a lot when I stood up or sat down, but the pain gets a lot better
after the first week.

And you really must take it easy for a few weeks, okay?

If you're wondering where I came from, I saw
and liked comments you made in other's journals, so, I friended you.

Yes, my beard is really that long!


Wishing you well on your upcoming surgery!

And you would make a superb Santa!

WOW - now THIS is a nice comment to find waiting for me! Thank you so much for all of those kind words. And glad you found me, and now I you! LOVE the beard. BEARD UNITY! ;-)


You are welcome.


Thank you for friending me back.

Have an excellent Monday!

Jeff, that was hilarious! Thank you for posting the video! I wish I could have been there to see you in person, but this was definitely the next best thing!

Thanks so much Jeff, and sorry I didn't realize you had posted this earlier. I usually get email notifications of LJ comments, but didn't this time for some reason. Really appreciate the kind words.

LJ is being kind of wonky. I have another friend who is also not getting e-mail notifications.

But yes, I really did enjoy this video! I hope you will do more stand-up; you are really good at it!

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