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Hey Live Journal People! I'm back! I guess if you are reading this you figured that out. Sorry for stating the obvious. I'm good at that.

Life is crazy, but for the most part good. Had a little surgery to wrap up the year - nothing serious, just another hernia dealio. Kept me indoors in a recliner with vicodin and time to think way too much. Pretty much healed up now. I think I have another couple of weeks before I can lift more than 10 pounds, so I'm looking for a muscular, dark-haired, tattooed, barely dressed "helper" to help out. ;-)

I'm busting ass trying to get the comedy thing off the ground. Got a gig opening at the Morning Glory Drag Queen Brunch at the Skylark Cafe in West Seattle. Did a show a couple of days ago and we sold the place OUT! I've been invited back for next month's brunch - so tell everyone you've ever met that Saturday, February 11th at noon they need to be at the Skylark to see Jeffrey Robert and some beautiful Queens entertain you during your pancake time.

Here is the show - PLEASE share and share and share with anyone who might be interested.

And I'm available for more work!

Trying to get the writing and artwork off the ground too. This is going to be MY YEAR! I've already made that decision. Just turned 53 and I'm not going to wait for folks to come knock on my door because that just wasn't working out. I'm done waiting for the perfect moment to getting the comedy/writing/art career going. Perfect moment is NOW! I am starting to sound like Oprah, so I should end now before I start giving away cars.

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So glad to find your entry here -- I have not been on LJ for forever but my account was about to expire so I got on to pay for the next year and to check out what my LJ friends have been up to. And I fortuitously find your recent entry. I really enjoy your adventures and your verve for living - a life well-lived, what else is there, friend?

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