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State of the Union
Man, I don't know if relationships are natural. I've been in them almost all of my adult life. Certainly I'm drawn to them in some way. But I don't know that they are the way we are supposed to live.

I'm trying to stay focused on life, but the day to day stuff is exhausting enough. Get up, shower, get to work, work, get home, take care of the animals, do dishes, laundry, eat, get ready for bed. Where is the time to draw and write? How do I get my act together to go out and try to get some Open Mics? What happens to sad, old dogs who are left alone?

I am still certain that 2012 is going to be the year of BIG and POSITIVE changes. I think there will be a few unexpected surprises in there too. But I just want to get this whole time thing figured out. Get time back. My time.

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I understand. I find it takes all my energy
just to do the day to day tasks that we must do.

However, I believe in you- if stand up is what you want to do, you'll find a way to do it.

Creativity always finds a way. It must, to help counterbalance all the negativity in our world.

I, too, need to push myself to find the time to draw and write.

Maybe we can both be a source of encouragement to the other? I think this is
what creative people should do. :)

I definitely empathize with you. Between working full-time, my long commute and being the only caregiver for my mom, I feel I have very little time for me.

Jeffrey, I think everyone struggles with that. I usually only work 3 days a week and I still find it hard to find time to get in my studio. It seems like my days off are always getting filled up with life chores like grocery shopping, errands, phone calls, dr appointments. I’m trying harder to be really strict about my time and forcing myself to get my artwork done. Deadlines always help me, I know that I have a show coming up in April and I have to finish a bunch of work to get it framed. I remember in art school being told that, even with a full-time job, you have to make time for your studio and they suggested early Saturday mornings, 8-noon. I used to think they were crazy because I am not a morning person but as I get older I see that they were right.

Being more strict about my studio time is meaning I am getting my photography projects done but I’m still struggling with the time I need/want to work on other projects, like drawing/printmaking, sewing, and my glam ukulele band. Too many ideas, never enough time!

Hey Jeffery, This is Joshua from facebook (or from livejournal). You appear to have deleted your facebook. I was going to ask you something, you are still in Seattle I suspect...?

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