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Let's Do It Again
Looks like it has been two years - TWO YEARS - since I last visited here. Lately there have been a number of Facebook posts mourning the loss (ours, it didn't actually happen since it is still here) of Live Journal. Really, there hasn't been anything to replace the Glory Days when I used to post here (using just "ikahana" as my user name).

A lot has changed since my first time here and I think just as much has changed in the last two years. The world is speeding up.

I like the social part of social networking - getting to know other folks, sharing interests and exploring new ones, reading about the day to day lives of people on the other side of the planet or on the other side of town.

I'm going to try this again. I'm going to dust off another blog I have as well. I'll still use the evil twin sisters of Facebook and Twitter, but I'm going to try to limit those for specific uses. Let's try this again. Wish me luck.

Like the song says - Everything Old Is New Again
Antique Selfie

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I'm always looking for new friends. And I see your list includes some of my oldest friends.

I encourage people to rejoin LiveJournal. I think it is much better than the FarceBook that so many of my friends have migrated to.

I travel quite a bit so you will find travelogues in my Journal. It is meant to bring you along on our travels.


Thank you pink_halen. Pleasure to meet you and I hope I can keep it going on here. Lots of great memories from before.

Surely it will be cosmic!

I'm ready! Bring it on!

Hey, I remembered my 2002-era password! And it looks like a couple of sexy Russians have friended me in absentia! Man, they're gonna blow their minds when they see me active. They may have just assumed me to be a fictional character perhaps.

Not sure I can juggle 2 active accounts - ironically one of the benefits of joining Facebook so many years was to write in anonymity - but I'll try to be a good reader at the very least!

All Things Must Password

Oh, those sexy Russians!

Looks like I remembered my password too, and fortunately my computer remembered my user name, as I had forgotten that has well.

This will be fun.

Great to see you back again!

Facebook and Twitter are like candy bars, and Live Journal is the full three course meal.
This is how I feel about it.

Thanks for the welcome back. Great to see you as well.

I love the snacks vs meal comparison. Perfect!

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