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Creek Time
I spend as much time as possible, this time of year, sitting out by the creek that runs in front of our house. We have a bench, a chair and a tree stump we use as a table. Our home is fairly modest by most standards, but we feel so fortunate to have the running water to sit by whenever we want. It is surrounded by short concrete walls and growing green things. Pure serenity.

Especially on Sundays when the New York Times comes to our doorstep, I go outside with the paper, a stack of books, a cup of coffee, my phone and and my iPod. I don't like using the phone for music - I use it for photographs. I don't always listen to music, the water sounds are usually enough, but sometimes I add it on top - often Jazz like Coltrane or something folkie and earthy or sometimes ambient music or whatever feels right. I almost always have three to six or sometimes more books going at any given time. I also have a book I use to write in jokes or ideas for when I perform. That is usually by my side as well.

My life certainly has had 'phases' for lack of a better word that I can think back on and remember certain sights and sounds and places and people. If there are chapters after this phase, I am certain my fondest memories will be of the creek and my time spent outside near it, blissfully.

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Thank you for that little bit of insight into what makes you happy. :)

Thank you. Beards make me happy too ;-)

I really love running water. I go straight to it, in any outdoor situation. One of the first things I did when I got to NJ was to head right to my parks, find some water, sit near it and read. That's pretty much all I need, aside from indoor plumbing!

I hear ya - there is something about water. Source of life and all that I guess.

We have still to actually move wholesale to Brighton. Paul had some health problems. Chances are we will be there almost exactly one year later than we planned. I will miss London hugely but the move will be better for Paul in his retirement. I love the house down there but am dismayed O am moving to a town with no trees. Here in Kennington there are plane trees all along the big, wide typically London road. We approach Autumn, my favourite season and I am afraid I will miss Autumn in the Smmoke.
However, the cottage in Brighton has a small balcony out the back up top, nestled in the rooves of my house and the one next door which is listed. They can't do anything hideous to it. I look forward to creating a lush, green bolthole full of scents and passing bees.
It will be where I sit with the Sunday papers.

Good to have you back.

Good photo as well.

Thank you so much.

I'm sure an idiotic American I had to do a little on-line search of Brighton to get an idea of what it is like. I have images in my mind of your part of the world that I'm sure are so far off it is ridiculous, although that said, I know you've posted photos in the past of places in London that have the look of what I fantasize it looking like.

I'm sorry to hear of Paul's health problems. I do hope the move will be a good one for you.

Autumn is my favorite season as well.

Finding zones of quiet (both real and "inner") is one of the keys to being able to sustain a quality of life beyond "survival" in the world, in my experience... Good for you, man! :-)

Thank you - and yes, you are right about the zones of quiet. I like that phrase.

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