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the orange revelations of cosmic ikahana

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Just your Average White Middle-Aged Queer Soul Man Grandpa. I've got too much weight and not enough time and my moods come in the full crayon box. I think mythology is really cool, but it is not the kind of thing one should live under. Listening to water seems a much better way to spend a good sit than listening to someone gab on their cell phone. I dress for comfort and I'm so glad I do. Structure keeps me sane and chaos gets me out of bed and makes my ass move. All life is political, so you are even if you say you are not. I got a lot more out of Brando movies than I ever did from reading religious texts or studying math, but now I wish I had spent more time actually learning math. My dogs get so disappointed in me if I don't get them to the park every evening, and there is nothing I hate more than disappointing my dogs, although I also hate the heterosexual dictatorship, racism, waste culture, and black licorice. I was a vegan once and would be happy to discuss it over a spicy Korean pork dish. I love tofu, Lucy, coffee, being alone, funky arthouse theaters, moss, laughing children,and dog kisses. I think strangers should smile and say "Hello" when they pass each other on walks, and I think holding the door open for people is the right thing to do. I'm an atheist who likes Black Gospel music and movies about Nuns and Monks. My politics are to the left of Karl Marx, but I usually vote a more conservative Democratic Party ticket, at least for the big ticket positions. I like to start sentences with "I". Once when I was very young, the morning after returning, I asked my mother why we couldn't live at Disneyland and her answer never completely made sense although she was very wise and I miss her. Now I wonder why we can't live in 1978 although I do like email and Zola Jesus and being able to possess movies by Alejandro Jodorowsky for my home library. I really like to write. I'm kind of binge and purge with the whole verbal thing, but put me in front of a keyboard and set me up with email and I go crazy. Did you know that all teenage boys - even the tough guys and the bullies and the cool ones and the athletes - are frightened, fragile, wounded and lost? I didn't know that until we started raising boys of our own. I'd like a do-over for High School, except I don't really want to do-over High School. My marriage was nullified soon after it happened, but we are now on our 19th year. Oh yeah, and we do have a son and a grandson and two more de facto sons and a few years ago we hada house full of teenagers. They all left, but recently our son came back, although without his son at this time. Have one sweet and amazing dog, after sadly saying a final good-bye to two others last year. And now we have to cats - both found a few years apart on the side of the road. Have six chickens (but the ones pictured below are no longer with us - RIP - we have a new batch). The mice aren't pets, but there are plenty of them. My man makes his own beer and sauerkraut and makes things grow out of the ground. I like to draw pictures. Dia de los Muertos is my favorite Holiday. The end of Peter Pan, when he comes back for Wendy, but she is grown up and Jane is sleeping...verklempt every single time. Just thinking about it makes me tear up. I wish I had seen Mickey Newbury perform live and I wish I had never smoked cigarettes when I was younger, but those are really about the only true regrets I have. I really have most everything I could want or need except for a Moose Lamp. I really want a good Moose Lamp.

Listen Up Vaqueros, Buckaroos, Vikings, Hippie Chicks, Goth Girls, Pirates, Nature Boys, Jazz Men, Artists, Gender Warriors, Tree Huggers and Other Assorted Riff Raff
THE SMALL PRINT: I get excited knowing you are here and that you've come to read my profile. Kind of makes my day. I think that posted instructions on the whole friending thing on profiles can come off as hurtful, passive-aggressive, rude, or just not classy. Nevertheless, I've been here before and this time around I just want to start off on the right foot. I welcome friends and if you friend me 99 times out of 100 I'll friend back. I do like when folks send me a message to let me know what floated their friendship boat, just because I'm old fashioned that way, but I don't have that as a prerequisite. If you require a reciprocal comment count however, I'm not your guy. I comment when I can and when I'm inspired and when I have something I have a strong desire to say, or even a polite desire to say, and sometimes I'll comment quite often. But if you need me to comment every time you comment, or a certain number of times per month, maybe we better save the hurt now because I just can't make that kind of commitment. Also, if you are friending me just because I have a beard and I have the look that one associates with a certain self-described ursidae subset of a community, I'm going to be a major disappointment and clutter on your page. I'm flattered and I probably would find you attractive, but I post mainly about music and film and food and dogs and teenagers and books and politics and I post a lot when I get going. But it isn't about my sex life or bar events or bear clubs because I'm old and married (but yeah, to a husband) and in bed by nine and any flexibility I have left is due to the great god ibuprofen and is usually left for picking up after the dogs. I'm also, as mentioned above, comfortably godfree and I can't shut up about it. REJOICE! If none of this scares you away, and by the way you do not have to be like me at all, then we should be good. If it does scare you away, I wish you all the best. I just want to avoid as much awkwardness as possible down the road. It is a true pleasure to meet you.
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